HI guys I'm in a bit of a funk - mentally - and can't seem to grab hold of any enthusiasm for my weightloss mission, which I really want to do.

I eat primally so the actually eating nutritionally well is not the problem. Tbh it's mostly chocolate that's the problem and I'm usually awesome at giving it up or at least only eating quality stuff.

I have spiralled over the past 4-6 weeks and for no particular reason.

To counter, I've joined a tennis court next to my house (which is my favourite sport - yay and have been playing). And I still cook all my meals but for some reason, I just can't screw my head on in the morning and be enthused about my mission. I found a really lovely picture of when I was fit and ripped and have saved it as my screensaver but nothing is helping. I've emotionally flatlined which is sabotaging my attempts to restrict calories.

Does anyone have these days / months and could pass on any tips?

Many thanks