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Thread: songsparrow's Primal Journal

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    songsparrow's Primal Journal

    Hi everyone!

    This is the start of my primal journey. I've eaten primally in the past for brief periods, of up to a few weeks at a time, and have had great success during those periods, but have fallen off the wagon each time. I want to make this a permanent change. I am hoping that posting here, and getting some feedback, will help me to stay on track. My primary goal right now is weight loss.

    For the next 30 days, my primary focus is changing my eating habits - eliminating sugars, grains and vegetable oils and primarily eating meats, healthy fats, vegetables with some fruits and dairy (and dark chocolate). My challenge will be keeping the house stocked with healthy foods and making the time to cook daily. I am not embarking on an exercise program yet, but I will be using a Fitbit to monitor my daily activity and expect that it will increase as my energy level increases.

    I am the only person in my family presently eating primally.

    Last night for dinner, I roasted two chickens and made carrot soufflé (that wasn't ready in time for dinner so we'll have it tonight - instead I heated some baked sweet potatoes that I had in the freezer). I have had bone broth cooking in the crockpot overnight.

    Breakfast today: Leftover roast chicken heated with salsa and topped with sour cream and avocado; fresh pineapple.

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