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Thread: songsparrow's Primal Journal

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    Day 6:

    Breakfast: Bacon and banana & egg pancakes

    Activity: Walked the dog to the vet (0.8 mi round trip). Felt fine on the walk there; felt a little fatigued/dragging on the walk home. Am interested to see how different I feel in 3 weeks when he needs to go back.

    I've decided to add a fitness goal to my plan. By June 23, I want to be able to walk at least 2 miles comfortably. That is 6 weeks from now, so to meet that goal I would need to begin walking 3/4 mile each day, and each week add on 1/4 mile. Since I walked 0.8 miles today, I know that starting point should be a good one - challenging but doable.
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