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Thread: Adult ADD

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    It's a need to quiet your inner mind or discomfort and develop presence when conversing with others. If you're interested in the activity, your focus improves. What you are experiencing is normal to an extent with everyone. Try minimizing the impact of it to yourself when it occurs, telling yourself you're working through it so your mind reacts as if it's getting better, ( it will) and slow down. Take time during the day to just notice what's happening now. Sounds, your breathing, the sensation in your toes, only that. With that sense, start a conversation with someone, pause before you speak, nod your head much less frequently and lower your intonation at the end of your sentences. Notice how the conversation goes, how your body language changes in a more confident manner and how the other person reacts to you. You will feel better and if your mind launches into self criticism or worry afterwards, minimize it and tell yourself this is normal and how a mind that's hard wired for survival reacts. It will get better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sroelofs View Post
    Bullet proof coffee with MCT oil and being in ketosis turns my focus from ADD like to super focused.
    Interesting. It's been quite a long time since I've been in ketosis and I'm not really a coffee drinker. Maybe I should try it

    Quote Originally Posted by seaweed View Post
    i have exactly the same probs Nixxy. the only thing i can really concentrate on properly some days is exercise. i do sometimes stop hearing words and they become a garble. in my defence i have been having to deal with my horrid ex way more than usual. which really pushes me over the edge. also what have you been eating? what is a typical day look like?
    I do IF most days so only eat twice per day. I have just naturally been like that for ages.

    Lunchtime... maybe an omelet with salmon and spinach (3 eggs).
    Afternoon meal... some type of meat + veg (steak and asparagus and broccoli, chicken and carrots maybe).

    I snack on nuts, dark choc (70%, no dairy)

    I have been being less strict about cutting sugar. And I cheat more often these days. But my cheats are things like sweet potato chips, and large nut portions, and peanut butter.

    I also have a protein shake most days because I train for powerlifting. I choose the ones with the lowest carbs/sugar and the most natural ingredients.
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    I found that the one thing that really improved my symptoms was cutting out sugar completely. It took a week and a half to notice a difference, but it was well worth it. Now if I cheat with sugar, I have to wait a week and a half until my symptoms go away again, so it's not even worth cheating. I'm planning on cutting out dairy next as I've read a few articles that say cutting out sugar, grain and dairy will give the best results, and sometimes even get rid of symptoms entirely. For me cutting out sigar has helped a lot, but I feel I need to do more which is why dairy will be next to go.

    Good luck, I hope you find something that helps to improve your ADD symptoms.

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    nixxy, I have the same problem (though not quite to the extent you're experiencing), and like you, it's getting worse as I get older (I'm 28). It's something I thought was just laziness in high school/college, but in my 20s it's become clear that something is wrong with my brain. Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation definitely take the edge off, but right now the only thing that works for me is popping two Sudafed when I'm working on something that absolutely HAS to get done. I know it's not the Primal solution you were looking for, but ketosis didn't have an effect for me. Food changes in general don't have an effect. Primal eating/living improves my life in tons of ways, but doesn't touch the ADD. Meditation is the only thing that seems to have a measurable effect. And, you know, ingesting what is essentially speed for a solid 6 hours of concentration. When I take Sudafed it's like all the fragmented pieces of my brain that are floating out in space suddenly snap together, and I'm immensely productive (with a high quality of work output). I don't get any side effects, and I'm not overdosing or taking it every day, so I think it's pretty safe.

    I'm very reluctant to go on actual ADD medication, so until it gets as bad as what you're experiencing, I'll be sticking with my meditation/Sudafed combo. Again, I know it's not the most natural of solutions, but it works for me, and it's better than Adderall.

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    If you have the opportunity or resources, you should get tested for ADD. I was tested because of symptoms you described, but I have Executive Functioning Disorder. It's a problem with how I process, organize, and regulate information. The only way to deal with it is to learn how to work around it. I had to teach myself my own form of time management and make up my own ways of organizing things because nobody else's methods worked for me. Classroom environments were very difficult.

    I have also found that my concentration is overall improved when my stress is low and I'm doing more things that I enjoy than things that I dislike (are you happy at your job?). How is your sleep? How have your moods been?
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