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Thread: Grass-fed Goat or Cow Milk in Australia

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    Grass-fed Goat or Cow Milk in Australia

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some of these 'specialty' milks near Canberra, AU.

    - raw goat milk, or
    - raw cow milk (grass-fed and organic), or
    - regular goat/cow milk that is grass-fed and organic and no growth hormones used.

    I have spent ages Googling but it seems these dairy products are not available that I could find. If you know and could share that would be awesome, thanks for reading.

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    Belconnen Markets, a store called As Nature Intended has raw goat AND cow milk (they only had a couple of bottles so it might be luck of the draw, but that's where I have seen them). They also have raw yoghurt.

    Generally in love with that store - it's a primal heaven!

    Where do you live? *wondering if we know each other, Canberra's technically a country town*

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    Hi Allenete thanks very much for that info. In fact I regularly go to Belconnen Plaza but have never noticed this shop, that's wonderful if they have raw milks and super handy as well as I am just around the corner in Bruce. Im fairly new to Canberra so probably don't know you but its great to see a fellow local paleo-er Thanks again for the help!

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