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Thread: What's your favorite dish to make en masse

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    Haven't read the whole thread, so sorry if someone already mentioned this, but I tend to make "separates". I'll buy one of those great big economy packs of ground beef, cook the entire package then divided up into whatever portions I might need (for me, single portions) and freeze. That can then be combined with a "chili" or soup, etc. I also do that with chicken--I'll buy thigh meat, cut it up and cook that, then freeze in individual portions...that can be put into a stir fry, etc. I'e made egg muffins...just egg with various fillings and a little cream and cheese and froze those. Before primal, I would also cook a big pot of rice and freeze that individually, then use it with the chicken, etc. I've been sick this week, so I've used the rice all week trying to calm things down, lol.

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    I like to cook up meat in big batches. Freeze some and keep some in the fridge. Then I prepare some vegetables and or sweet potatoes in the manner of my choice, chop up the meat and put it on top. I'll make a big enough pile of this to have leftovers for another meal. So there are basically two levels of having stuff ready to go.

    One kind of meat that was really good made in a large batch was a large hunk of fresh tuna. I marinated it in garlic/ginger/soy sauce and cooked it whole in the oven. It came out really moist cooked as a very large piece.
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