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Thread: Beano! And should we eat broccoli?

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    Quote Originally Posted by egrok View Post
    So I saw a Beano commercial and being the curious little paleo scientist I am, decided to research it. It's a digestive enzyme (alpha galactose) to help us break down certain complex carbs like broccoli.

    I have a few questions about this: they say that while the undigested broccoli particles are fermenting in your intestines, bacteria are feeding off of it - are these good or bad bacteria?

    If certain humans are unable to digest this complex-carbs - then should we really be eating them? If one needs to take a supplement to digest this food, doesn't that indicate it's not compatible with the human digestive track?

    These are the things I think about instead of studying for final exams. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have been in a vicious war with my digestive track to reduce (foul smelling) gas and reducing bloating would be nice too, and so far my stint with the Candida diet has helped the smell, but some broccoli today made me look pregnant....

    But if the consensus is that we should eat bloating-foods anyways, I will continue to include them (before bed)
    I am eating more veggies than many Paleo/Primal people because I am following "The Wahls Protocol" for an auto-immune issue. The protocol calls for 3 cups (measured before cooking) EACH (per day, not per meal) of leafy greens, coloured vegetables and SULPHUR-containing vegetables. You guessed it... very gassy and gives me that... warm feeling. :-P

    I've been trying to find a way of dealing with this and the reason why I ended up here is because I just googled (paleo AND beano)

    Back in the day when I ate lots of beans I had tried beano a few times and never really felt that it did anything to reduce flatulence... nada... nothin'... zilch.

    The author of The Wahls Protocol, Dr. Terry Wahls, figures that it just comes with the territory... (or is that Terrytory?)

    APPARENTLY, over time, and as long as you don't do anything to kill the flora, you achieve some lessening of the issue. I don't know if I believe that, because I had eaten a lot of beans, broccoli and cabbage way back when and it never disappeared then so why would it now?

    So... what I'm wondering is, did paleolithic peoples fart a lot (depending on the regional foods) and it was simply the normal, natural state of things? When you get right down to it... we all enjoy our own farts, right?? ummmm RIGHT????? ;-P

    BTW... I had gone lower veggies, higher carna previously and I never could acclimatize to it and was always constipated, eating more fat or eating "closer to the bone" or drinking more water... nothing helped that at all except eating more veggies! :-)

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    I'm not really sure how much you are eating because the cup measurement throws me a bit. But it is possible that your gut flora are not prepared for such quantities. If I were you I would cut back and build up gradually, and also include sources of resistant starch (green banana, cooked and cooled potatoes, properly prepared beans, etc) along with probiotic foods like kefir and sauerkraut. You might also consider soil based probiotic supplements.

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    I took Beano exactly once. Because I was going on a first date with someone, and we were going to have Mexican food.

    Well, I didn't fart. Make that, I couldn't fart. But I felt so bloated, I thought I was going to float to the ceiling. I have never, before or after that experience, felt that bloated. I'm sure it's an n=1 thing, but I threw that bottle away, and never purchased another.
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