So I saw a Beano commercial and being the curious little paleo scientist I am, decided to research it. It's a digestive enzyme (alpha galactose) to help us break down certain complex carbs like broccoli.

I have a few questions about this: they say that while the undigested broccoli particles are fermenting in your intestines, bacteria are feeding off of it - are these good or bad bacteria?

If certain humans are unable to digest this complex-carbs - then should we really be eating them? If one needs to take a supplement to digest this food, doesn't that indicate it's not compatible with the human digestive track?

These are the things I think about instead of studying for final exams. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have been in a vicious war with my digestive track to reduce (foul smelling) gas and reducing bloating would be nice too, and so far my stint with the Candida diet has helped the smell, but some broccoli today made me look pregnant....

But if the consensus is that we should eat bloating-foods anyways, I will continue to include them (before bed)