There seems to be little doubt that the food we consume has a significant impact on our health.

Currently listening to "Good Calorie, Bad Calories" and it seems to support much of the Grok lifestyle, especially reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates, flour and white rice in the diet.

I understand that Mark and many of the members of the grok community have some habits that are far outside what the majority of people in any Western society do. Think Vibram shoes.

Doesn't Mark somewhere say on his site that he wants to reach 10 million people with his message. That's great and I support that. How about providing some advice for people that don't live in California (where I come from) and are far from a Whole foods.

- I don't cook and have no interest/time to start cooking
- I often have pressure to order food delivered

Is KFC chicken, maybe removing or keeping on the skin a reasonable grok food?
How about McD double cheeseburger with bacon? Maybe remove the bun?
How about fries, they are potatoes and no added sugar, so could be ok?
It is clear to avoid all sodas no problem there.
How about ice cream, I'm sure a no go on that one, though I have a hard time resisting.
Pizza is out, I'm sure.
So, is my only option KFC?

What fast food options are there that are grok acceptable?