Summer is around the corner and I sat down with my 11 year old to plan a summer bucket list. This is a list of things we want to make sure we will do this summer. Some of the items will be repeated (like the pool since we have passes) and some are just for the kiddo.

Here is most of the list:
1. Draw creative hopscotch with chalk
2. Go to the pool
3. Go fishing
4. Scavenger adventure hunt
5. Go to museum.
6. Take cookies to the firemen
7. Bring flowers to 1 or 2 nursing homes
8. Create your own Sundaes
9. Tennis Camp
10. Basket ball camp
11. Play badminton
12. Go to the library
13. Take some photos
14. Berry picking
15. Film your own movie. ☺
16. Roast marshmallows with a friend
17. Camp out in the back yard
18. Go to a different park with a friend
19. Go to 2 or 3 different zoos
20. Fly a kite
21. Road Trip ☺
22. Make a time capsule. Open it every 1 year
23. Create chalk art
24. Take a nature walk
25. Treasure hunt
26. Collect and decorate rocks
27. Watch fireworks
28. Visit an animal shelter
29. Go to Prairie Rose
30. Ride a miniature pony or a horse
31. Pick an official summer theme song
32. Go to the farmers market
33. Catch fireflies at night
34. Spend one whole day barefoot
35. Eat something NEW
36. Go to the drive in
37. Lemonade stand
38. Make ice cream
39. Eat watermelon
40. Watch summer Olympics
41. Grill pizzas
42. Jump off the diving board
43. Create a fairy garden
44. Read a chapter book as a family
45. Silly string fight
46. Attend a library event
47. Celebrate an un-birthday at the pool
48. Bowling
49. Go to the movies
50. Tie a note to a balloon and release it in the sky
51. Decorate a pair of tennis shoes
52. Pilates ABC’s

What's on your summer bucket list?