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Thread: How many hours of sun are you getting?

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    I have always avoided the sun and wear a hat when I go out walking, due to my medium pale skin and freckles that get very dark when I tan, thanks to my peachy-pale mother and Mediterranean father.

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    I love my freckles

    And my skin always does much better with a good tan. Strangly i dont tend to burn easily even though blue eyes/blond hair
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    Got a few hours of good sun this morning before it started raining this afternoon.
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    I've literally gone nearly a year without any real sun. Last year we had one of the most overcast summers on record. Then winter, which even when sunny, matters little our latitude. We're just now getting into the time of year where sun exposure would result in some vitamin D. I'm hoping it's sunny this year.
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    I don't get much sun. I'm pretty fair skinned, although I used to tan when I was younger. My mother had all these skin 'growths' cut out of her when I was around 12 - she said they were little lumps caused from laying out in the sun in overcast weather when she was younger living in San Francisco. I thought... I don't want scars all over my body, so I stopped getting a lot of sun, got real pale and tended to burn after that. I probably caused more harm than good because I have always blushed too easily and now have a reddish face in most areas and decollete where I get most of my sun now. weight loss blog<noscript>buddytslim</noscript>

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    none without sunscreen so I make a real effort with dietary vitamin D

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