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Thread: Quick Energy for Physical Test...

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    I wouldn't change anything about your diet. Just get in some running. Sprint type workouts are really going to help at that distance. Don't burn yourself out wth long miles to train for 1.5 miles.

    Good Luck!

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    My own experiences with coconut oil has been very tangible. It doesn't make me wanna throw up like regular food does during exercise and I can physically feel myself lifting heavier for more sets than I can without coconut oil (4 Tb) before (2 hours usually) the workout.

    That being said, it will not be a good idea to try something totally new just before a big important event that you need to perform your best in.

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    I'm a VLCarber. If I need to explode into something like this I just take a GU Gel during the thing. Something with Caffeine... It's like you get rocket engine...

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    Well, sounds like you have 6 weeks for the crazy experiments. Go go go!

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