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Thread: Grokerella's Primal Journal

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    Time to start this journey, been living a SAD life for too long. About 12 years ago I started gaining weight and have made a progression to the point where I'm at now. After a lot of soul searching I've figured out a lot of what contributed to me getting to this place. But that's all in the past!

    Just a quick blip about me: I'm a single mom of 2 amazing boys, swear frequently and with a ferver, full time student (social work and political science), have 2 super cutey cute pups, and am currently living in southern Colorado (although that will change after I finish my undergraduate degrees...)

    I want to use this journal to help me stay accountable, get support, track progress AND set backs. Some of my immediate goals are to continue with Primal/Paleo going forward, not let (inevitable) setbacks derail me completely, and finally stop being controlled by food.

    I'm using Plan to Eat to help me plan meals and create the oh-so-important shopping lists (as opposed to just wandering around stores and grabbing based on cravings and whims. I'm using MyPlate to input food to see where I am at with fats, proteins, and carbs.

    Sooo... on to today

    B: 3 slices of bacon, 3 yummy yolkey eggs fried in the grease
    S: slightly over charred kale chips, still yummy and salty (kid and dog approved lol)

    lunch is going to be a salad with a homemade orange poppy seed dressing and baked chicken strips. For dinner I'm planning on proscutto wrapped chicken and a heaping pile of chardy goodness!

    WOD: walked a little over a mile and a half (been walking regularly for a couple of weeks now. my goal is to get up to walking 4 miles comfortably then start couch25k program with the eventual goal of becoming a runner doing a few miles a few times a week. I've accepted the fact that I'll start out looking like a lumbering ox who got left behind by her fellow oxen during a stampede lol thankfully there aren't many mountain lions around)

    I weighed yesterday, 251.something that I forgot, goal weight of around 145-160. Yes that much of a variance lol I'll let my body see where it wants to be. Just getting under 200 will be the best thing since sliced bacon.
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