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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamC29 View Post
    I am not entirely sure how people are sprinting for 20 seconds plus and then repeating.

    Are people really sprinting (i.e. running from the grim reaper) or are they just running very fast?
    I read somewhere that your body has about 20 seconds of max effort in it, unless you really train to extend that. Usually my first couple of sprints are pretty close to 20 seconds at max intensity, then the later ones get shorter and shorter.

    There is a point when I'm sprinting when I feel my stride break and I know I'm not going as fast as I should be and I can't go as hard as I should. That's where I stop, more or less. I don't run a timer, nor do I measure distance, though I should be hitting somewhere close to 150m on a track in 20 seconds. Towards the end, rep 4-6, I might make it 50-70m before I feel my stride break.

    And be careful with Bear Crawls- they are awesome, but your arms don't have the shock absorption that your legs do, so it's easy to jam your shoulders if you go too fast.
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