Finally signed up for the forum.

I started my journey in January when I finally decided enough was enough. I've struggled with weight gain, fear of exercise due to it triggering major fibromyalgia flare-ups, and being tired of the fibro ruling my life.

After reading "Wheat Belly" I cut wheat from my diet as am experiment and started to feel better. A couple weeks later found Primal and started studying up. I promptly cut sugars and the rest of the grains from my diet and started seeing a personal trainer once a week who also believes in primal.

Progress report so far:

I haven't had a muscle relaxer in 4 months, except for 2 days for a small issue that popped up in my hip, not bad since I've been on them daily for 6 years or so. I've been completely off my neurontin for 3 months from 5 a day for 5 years, and I haven't had a fibro flare-up in months.

I'm doing TRX, walking, couch to 5k, and lifting weights. I'm currently doing 80lb lat pull downs, 250lb leg presses, 120 lb dead lifts, and bench presses. Definitely not bad since 6 months ago I couldn't ride my exercise bike 5 minutes without going into spams for 3-4 hours!

I'm down 40ish pounds.

I have gone from being terrified to exercise to wishing I could go to the gym and lift everyday. I love feeling myself get stronger and healthier!

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