I want to take it very serious this time.
Eating primal will become my new lifestyle. It's not a diet, it's really a lifesstyle.

My current weight is about 76 kg and my height about 1.73. I've never been that heavy in the past 23 years of my life (i am 23!) I want to drop at least 10 kg, better 15. But actually i am very happy about every pound that comes of by eating healthy.

And i have a lot of good reasons to start my new life right now.

1. I want to be free from sugar addiction and dependence on food.
2. I want my nice and cute ass back and some defined cheek bones.
3. I want a flat and strong belly.
4. I want my PCOS symptoms to vanish: I want to menstruate again, i want the unwanted hair to vanish, i want my skin to clear up.
5. I want to flirt again, i want to feel attractive.
6. I want to be and stay healthy, lean and fit.
7. I want to stick with this new way of eating, because i know that it's the best thing i can do for my health, for my relationship with family and friends, for my well-being, my self-esteem and myself in general.
8. I will go to California soon and i want to look smoking-hot in that bikini.
9. I want to get compliments again.
10. I want to suprise friends and family!
11.Eating should be easy and no drama. Actually it is easy. I can decide conscious what to put into my mouth.
12. According to my doctor i am at big risk of developping diabetes II (i will get the results in about two weeks)
13. I want more ENERGY!

I think those should be enough reasons for me to start. Tonight i will cook my last red lentils and share them with my flatmates and then go primal on monday.
I'm actually thinking about doing a virgin coconut oil detox for 2-5 days for overcoming the sugar cravings (that will come up for sure) more easily. I might start with this on wednesday, because thursday is a holiday and i can take the time for detoxing.

I will cut out all grains, dairy, sugar and processed food.

As i don't like to eat too much meat, my diet will consist of veggies and salad, eggs, salmon, tuna, meats and poultry (in moderation) nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil and the occasional apple once in a while /maybe some berries.

I already experimented with flaxseed-sunflower-crackers, coconut flour and oil, and i hope that i will find out more recipes i can adapt easily to my lifestyle. I am still studying and have a quite tight budget. But i still want to buy high-quality foods like organic eggs etc.

In this journal i want to keep track on my progress. I also want to take a "before" picture of myself and will upload it here (quite scary for me!), this will hopefully help to motivate myself to get my sexy ass back.

Love, Paleoqueen