The other day, I was late to class, starving, and had no food in my dorm except a bar of unsweetened (baking) chocolate. In desperation, I grabbed two chunks and ran out the door. I ate them slowly throughout my first class, telling myself I could have some real food afterwards. But to my astonishment, I wasn't hungry afterwards (and I'm ALWAYS hungry). I didn't eat again for the next seven hours.

The next two days, I tried it again -- Thursday was the same two squares of baking chocolate, and Friday was one square plus twelve macadamia nuts. And again, I wasn't hungry for hours upon hours. No low blood sugar feeling, no thoughts about food... nothing.

Each time, I was eating between 30 and 40 grams of fat, less than 8g protein, and less than 8g carbs. For dinner, I loaded up on meat, veggies, and a potato or yam, in order to compensate, and although I felt stuffed, my calories still came out low (I'm not trying to lose weight, but for someone who is, this could be interesting). Can anybody explain what's going on? Why does an all-fat, low-carb, low-protein meal keep hunger away, but when I eat eggs+bacon+avocado I'm starving soon after?