Starting a journal, chronicling my journey to the ultimate sugar burning champ of all time! (sorry derp, im looking to take the title)

Goals are to go from around 18% bf or less (dont really know) to at least 10% or under, while gaining a good amount of muscle. Starting weight was 192lbs (about a week and a half ago), sitting at 189 right now. There is a pic in my profile of current starts bf%.

Im going to do this using an extremely high sugar diet with very little to no fat on most days. Probably there will be a few high fat meals thrown in for good measure. I will also be working out 6-7 days a week. I will try and post a food and also exercise log here.

I also made this to answer any questions i get in PM's or if anyone wants to discuss what i am doing. Also to shoot the shit with a few peeps on here so their journals dont get filled with random crap. :P