Doing a lot of self experiments.

Going gluten free lifted my brain fog and made my brain feel focused. And made me feel it turned smaller(!) in a good way. Almost like it was inflammed before. Felt the same as i did 10 years ago. Hard to explain, but a mental state that changed for during the last 10 years and i thought was normnal ageing.

I reintroduced gluten. Symptoms came back. Stopped again. The initial feeling of focus and clarity didnt come this time as strong. But brain fog lifted a bit.

Tried fish broth after reading here. Clarity came back to 90%. Tried cod liver oil last week. The clarity came back 100% within 30 min. Stays almost all day. 1000mg pills.

Tried taking 8 pills at once thinking it was just cod liver oil. Head ache and the white area of my eyes got all read from bursted blood vessels it looked..

We have a lot of pros here. Whats your guess to whats going on here?

(100% paleo for 3 months now and eat fish once a week)