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Thread: Best steaming method

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    Those old fashioned bamboo "hippie" steamers work great and are really versatile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    You'll note I didn't even call it "boiling" in my second post to you. I merely referred to other steaming methods (such as using a basket) which, while they may involve an extra step or dish to was, I think produces better results from my personal experience.

    Just my opinion though.
    yeah a basket produces better results but my method is faster and produces good results for very little effort. I find the tradeoff quite worth it Cooking is like that to me, I value speed and efficiency and am willing to trade off. In this case you really can't tell the difference with most vegetables steamed this way and using a basket.

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    I use a rice cooker that has a steam setting and a steaming basket. this may not be the best method but it's super easy and requires no monitoring. my rice cooker is also how I make hardboiled eggs. although I suppose they are technically hard-steamed eggs!

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    For vegetables, I stick them in a bowl or on a plate, cover it with a wet paper towel, and microwave it for 3 or 4 minutes. It's way easier than using a steamer, and with much less to clean up afterward.

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