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Thread: Does free range beef mean grass-fed?

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    Does free range beef mean grass-fed?

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    I'm in London. Is there any regulations on labelling that i should be aware of?

    EDIT- London, UK

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    Free range can mean grass fed, as they are allowed to roam and not penned up, and therefore would eat grass. However, that does not mean that they are not grain-finished. Can you ask the supplier if they are grass fed and finished?

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    I'm not aware of any regulations in the UK. There are regulations about what you can label eggs, but not meat I think. You can't guarantee that free range is grass fed. I think lamb is more likely to be grass fed. I would probably talk to a local butcher. Have a look in the European primals group. I bought some buffalo burgers at Waitrose!! Very nice.

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    If it was grass-fed, Im almost positive they would advertise it. Free range just means they get "access" to outdoors, not really sure about the rules in the UK. But I would ask.

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