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Thread: Fruit - How Much, Effects when eaten with other foods.

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    Seasonal eating can be fairly simple. If you use farmers markets as your primary source for fruits and veggies, you'll know what's seasonal by what's being sold. If you use grocery stores, very often price is an indicator where the cheapest produce is what's abundant at any given time of year.

    Also listen to your body. I'm not sure which came first - the chicken or the egg, so to speak, but I noticed this winter that I barely thought of fruit except citrus. Then as the weather changed, I started lusting after strawberries, watermelon, and mango. Not sure if that's natural, or just because I started seeing them for sale again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by picklepete View Post
    I'm intrigued by how traditional cuisines handle this. When I had formal meals in Japan and China the rice and fruit were used at the end as a sort of palate cleanser. Meanwhile my coworkers at lunch invariably wolf down the fries or crackers first...
    I think most traditional cultures did some degree of seperation of foodstuffs, the Italians had it the other way around, they had appetisers, then there might be a small pasta dish, then came the main meat & veg, then fruits at the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    I think food combining is mostly a folklore thing. Would Grok have not eaten the haunch of mammoth because he didn't have the proper first course?

    But I think you can train your digestive system to expect only certain things, which would mean other unexpected combinations and foods might in the end be less well digested.
    I don't think you should take folklore so lightly, it is a cultural thing and plays a vital role in knowledge transfer, the reasons are often forgotten, but most of it has a good rational basis.
    There are many examples, particularly the processing of poisonous plants or animals to make them edible.
    The most obvious is the soaking and rinsing of grains and legumes before cooking, I'm sure there are other older people who remember their mothers always doing this, their mothers may not have known it was to remove antinutrients, but they knew to do it because their mothers had shown them.
    I imagine Grok even had the same types of customs, the northern tribes have specific customs on how organs are divided amongst the family to ensure every member gets a good dose of essential vitamins, the sun guided them through seasons, appearance of birds herald spring, the moon tells them when to gather seafoods. The extended human childhood is specifically for cultural transfer of knowledge, so it seems our success as a species was dependant on that.

    I'm not sure you can train your body to take all manner of food combinations, there are certain things that just don't mix, they need differing digestive conditions, the body will do the best it can, but that's far from ideal.

    Though if you are in the low carb end diet wise, I don't think there is too much of a concern, aint enough there to play with anyway.

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    Food combining is carried to extremes in many cases. I disagree that soaking and rinsing of grains and legumes even counts as food combining. Food combining is not eating fruit and meat at the same meal because something dreadful will happen.

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    Thank you

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    Greetings Everyone thank you for your comments. My concern is leaving ketosis. I know that fat lose is accomplished without ketosis, I just like the safety net of never being hungry.

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