Hi all,

This will just be a short post to start as I'm at work and I should be inputting pilates notes rather than reading forums.

I'm a 36 year old single mother of 1 gorgeous 4.5 year old daughter. I live with my brother and his son stays with us every second week. I found MDA around mid last year and couldn't get enough of reading all Mark's posts. I bought the Primal Blueprint but honestly did nothing much about changing my lifestyle. I'm a choc and cake fiend (I get this from my mother!!!) So I'm finally getting serious about it now. I'm just doing it for the health benefits as I'm already and always have been my ideal weight. But to get out of the lazy, sleepy rut I seem to have been in for years would be wonderful. My brother wants to get healthier but I can't see him not buying bread for a while as my nephew LOVES sandwiches so it will be interesting trying to get him off his daily PB&J lunch at school. I also don't buy the food as my brother works in a chain grocery store as a baker and gets a discount. I think I might talk to him about alternating the job, I'm sure he'll be all for that!

Ok, I best get back to work. I'll post later how I go today with the food. So far its been 2 boiled eggs and a machine coffee with hilo milk and 2 sugars. Can't forgo the sugar in the coffee and it will likely be a long time til I start cutting down on that.