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Thread: Even More Steak and Eggs: Plus Plants vs. Animals!

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    Even More Steak and Eggs: Plus Plants vs. Animals!

    I know we already have four threads devoted to Steak and Eggs, but I'm going to throw my hat into the ring anyway. I'm a little late to the party, so I'm going to begin tomorrow and extend the challenge out four weeks from there. Quick background:

    25 year old male
    5' 9" 174 pounds, ~16% body fat

    I normally follow a leangains regimen with compound barbell exercises 3x weekly with lazy macro cycling and 90% primal food. I eat one meal a day at 6:30 PM and I'll be doing the same with steak and eggs. I fast intermittently and frequently so if 100% adherence to this challenge is possible for anyone, it is for me. I'm tentatively going to steak and egg for four weeks from tomorrow, though if I get results beyond expectations, I'll carry it a few more from there.

    After the SO and I went shopping for my meat and meat, she watched me delicately packing the 12 lbs of raw beef into zip top bags and said, "you know, I'm gonna go vegan for 4 weeks, just to balance you out." She normally eats almost as much meat, cheese, and yogurt as I do so it'll be tough for her too. I'm already jealous of her lettuce and broccoli though... So here we go. Plants vs. Animals. On my one carb refeed day per week, she's going to have some animal products and I'm going to OD on dates, yogurt, blueberries, and pancakes.


    8.25 lbs steaks, some sirloin and some top round cut from a single roast
    4 lbs grass-fed organic 85% ground beef
    48 organic, cage free eggs
    4 sticks butter
    heavy cream and half & half

    Let's do it!

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