Is it rude or insensitive to give a diet book as a present? I have a friend that's turning 50 and I am considering getting her The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (she likes things that are concise), we've talked a lot about primal over the 3 years that I've been eating this way and for a while she tried it and had some success, but she never read any books or visited the website as far as I know. I know she wants to lose weight and is concerned about her health. She is open to primal but needs support, she is semi-vegetarian, eats fish, bacon and occasionally meat, but her husband and sons are vegetarian (though her older son has started trying meat).
I'm thinking if the book is around it might give her the extra nudge to stick to it. Also her 15 yr old son may be interested too since he recently started experimenting with eating meat and is getting interested in health.

Or should I just get her some earrings? I have to decide soon because her Bday is next week and will probably have to order the book.