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Thread: Finally got some Vibrams!

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    Well customer service said they should be shipping mid-late may so I guess I will wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tara tootie View Post
    Did you order through I have mine ordered through Kayak Shed but they keep pushing the ship date back! ARG. I may just cancel and order through, if they ship quickly.
    Actually I bought them at Varsity Sports Store here in Baton Rouge. They are a privately owned specialty running shoe store that just got them in a few weeks ago.
    I can't recommend their customer service enough. I was hesitant to order online because of the sizing issue. So I wanted to go somewhere and try them on. My first attempt was a place in town called "Massey's Outfitters". Terrible service. They pointed me to the 'shoe wall' and left me to figure it out on my own. Varsity Sports on the other hand had someone greet me at the door and guide me through the entire process of sizing, fitting, and that awkward first attempt to put them on. If you live in South Louisiana, in my opinion, there is no other place that compares: go to Varsity Sports.
    However, they are just starting to stock the Vibrams, so they only had the sprints (that's what I wanted anyway) and only one color option....the greyish ones pictured.
    Yes, worth every penny.

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    I'm so jealous.

    I might need a thicker-soled model... out here in the bush, there's nasty stones and thorns everywhere.

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    I just got mine today, too! I ordered them through- I think it was If an item is backordered for more than 45 days, they give you a 10% discount. In the case of the Slate Classics I ordered, they weren't getting them until August(!) so they offered me the 10% off if I chose something in stock to replace them. They were really helpful on the phone- if you're one of those people who likes to do everything online, though, they can be frustrating to deal with. My Chili/Peach Classics should ship by the end of the week. I ended up replacing the Slate Classics with black Sprints!

    Really enjoying them so far: except for some chafing on my pinky toes. I do overpronate in regular shoes, which is probably part of the issue. I am thinking that building up the little, underworked muscles in my feet and wearing socks with them should help.

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    I have had mine now since last October and I love them! You do have to get used to them if you haven't spent much time "barefooting" around. I work out in them and wear them as much as I can.

    I tried my KSOs out at the beach for the first time last weekend. I walked on sloping, wet rocks with no slippage. I did have to shake some sand out of them after wearing them in and out of the ocean but I expected that...

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