Hello there!

So, Tuesday I leave for an all inclusive vacation to Mexico, staying at a RIU a 5 star. Hoping that the 5 star will have better food choices for me. Its mostly all Buffet meals + 3 a la carte.

I have been 100% Paleo now for over 6 months, (before my solid 6 months, I had weekly cheats)
Basically 90/10 Paleo for a year and 100% a half a year.
I dont respond well to gluten, and have no interest in "cheat" foods anymore (which I love!)

Has anyone been on an all inclusive vacation and followed Paleo? From what I have seen from various forums, everyone says to relax and eat cake etc etc. but I won't touch any of it. I also don't drink. My mom and her friend (my traveling companions) are also curious what options I will have.

Has anyone managed to go a week at an all inclusive and followed the PB/Paleo?
I have no idea what to expect with the buffet options.
Anything I should look out for? I don't want to be the complainer when my belly expands to a beach ball, eyes puff up and develop a nasty rash.

Any advice would be great!
(Dont get me wrong, I do want to take advantage of the food! (the ones I can eat....it is an all inclusive after all! )