Oh no! So I've put on 4kg in just over 3 weeks and the only major difference in my diet that I can pinpoint is juicing.

I've maintatined my weight on primal for over a year now but I was starting to have big problems with acne and a couple of friends encouraged me to try juicing as a way of upping my nutrition and clearing my skin. I was a bit worried about too many carbs in the juice, so I stopped eating my once daily peice of fruit and instead put this in the juice along with lots of vege (carrot, cucumber, celery, beetroot, spinich usually), sometimes I might add another half piece of fruit like lemon or lime or a feijoa. I've not been having the juice as a meal replacement but as an extra.

So has anyone else had this response to juicing?

I have been fighting a nasty infection over the last two weeks and I am currently taking antibiotics and lots of fluids for this, so this might explain the weight gain. Should I keep juicing (currently just 6 times a week) or maybe stop and see if my weight drops back down again?

So annoyed! My acne has improved though