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Thread: Depression Survey

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    Cool Depression Survey

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    This is my first post and I am interested to hear from anyone with any level depression and/or anxiety. Did switching to primal make you feel better or worse?

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    Worse, for several reasons, not the least of which was because I stopped taking Effexor cold turkey when I adopted a low carb diet. I had suddenly exchanged easily digestible and non-fibrous things like soda and refined flour for a significantly greater amount of fibrous foods, which led to extremely poor digestion and mood. There's a fair amount of research linking gut dysbiosis and inflammation to depression and anxiety. That's probably the only reason anti-depressants actually work; they seem to improve digestion (mine, at least).

    So what's your theory?
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    That's a tough question for me to answer. I've been under a psychiatrist's care for a number of years, taking a cocktail of medications for recurrent depression and anxiety. It took my DR 2 years to get my meds into balance (so that I didn't have anymore episodes of depression). I now see my DR quarterly and she hasn't changed by meds in quite awhile. My mood has been stable.

    I will say that I FEEL better being primal; my body image is better (because of weight loss). I really like that I'm not eating crap foods (and not binging on junk-food-laden-with-sugar in the evenings).

    I haven't asked her yet about reducing my meds, will see her in mid-June.
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    My anxiety and depression has improved significantly. I no longer take SSRI's, but I do take amino acids (basic protocol outlined in the book "The Mood Cure", but I just take 5-HTP).

    Gut health and depression are intricately linked, so I'm not surprised people have improved digestion with SSRI's. There are other ways to accomplish this, however. I feel that it's important to get what I'm missing from food as much as possible, and supplements when that's not enough, rather than messing with the function of my body chemistry with prescriptions.
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    I never had a clinical diagnosis, gut was prone to jumping into a black hole on a regular basis, think gluten was the big one for me, once I went Paleo had far less anxiety and haven't gone into the "woe is me" black hole, headspace feels a lot lighter and clearer.

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    This is probably not really on point. I used to be depressed (but I never sought treatment--at one point I considered it, but my very anti-anti-depressant friend talked me off the ledge--told me that I won't be me anymore if I started taking meds), but it went away after I started working out regularly. That was long before I went primal so this is probably not helpful for you, sorry.

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    Primal keeps my blood sugar regular, which helps with food cravings, which is good for managing my eating disorder, which helps with my depression. I still take an antidepressant, but this way of life helps.

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    I did not have clinical depression and did not take meds. I did have depression and took meds a long time ago and guess what? I was on a low fat, low calorie diet at the time.

    I did notice that my mood improved. I went from being prone to misanthropy with a tendency to lose my temper now and then to feeling sunny, happy and rather nice toward people. A friend of mine who changed his diet by simply removing sugar and flour (grains okay but not flour) also reported he and his wife experienced the same mood shift. Also, they no longer bicker. His wife went off her depression medications recently, too.
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    I think I had some level of depression/anxiety my whole adult life. Actually, probably even as early as elementary school. I was never completely incapacitated by it, though, and so I was reluctant to get any professional help. My sister had a serious drug problem into her 20s and then spent 15 years looking for the right kind of therapy and anti-depressant. She eats an above average SAD and is pretty happy with where her prescription meds have gotten her.

    I started out losing weight on a SAD calorie counting plan and found that the foods that were working for me were mostly primal. As I ate more and more primal and less and less processed food, my mood really changed! At one point, I was so worried about how different my mood was that I started to wonder if I was actually bipolar and I'd just gone from some 20 year depressive episode to some kind of mania. After about 6 months of feeling amazing, I don't think I'm delusional and I haven't done anything really stupid, so I no longer worry about mania. This is just how a normal person feels, I guess.

    I'm not super strict, either. I probably eat a single portion of wheat twice a month, a single portion of rice 2-4 times a month and (a few non-wheat) beers every weekend. My carbs are typically between 100-150/day, but can range from 75-200, depending on whatever. I've just started playing around with dairy, because it may be that my daily 1/2C of yogurt is messing with my digestion. As far as I can tell, though, it hasn't impacted my mood.
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    Switching to primal has had a significant positive effect on my mood. Getting rid of sugars (other than natural sugar from berries), wheat, and processed foods lifted me out of a lifelong low-grade depression. Those times when I slip into a sugar binge (almost always in response to stress), the effect on my mood as well as my body is immediate and profound: I quickly become depressed, withdrawn, and anxious, in addition to physically feeling terrible. Fortunately those binge episodes are becoming rare, in part because I don't want to feel that way anymore.

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