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    It works differently for a lot of people. The refined carbohydrates and sugar are like stimulants, and when I was in withdrawal phase I use to experience a lack of motivation or determination, like something was missing. I was losing weight but the lack of energy accompanied by the withdrawal symptoms just made me like a heroin addict in rehab. Since I am only a month into Primal I still experience some mood swings but they've improved, along with the carbohydrate increase.

    I remember browsing through forums and envying people who raved about an energy boost within days of transitioning and felt somewhat disappointed and cheated, but now I realise how glucose and carbohydrate dependent I was with all that excessive consumption of high GI fruits and wheat products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post
    Primal is not a low carb diet. When I tried VLC I became severely depressed. Eating primal and being sure to eat carbs either spread out through the week or refeeds now and then keep my mood stable. Of course, the recent financial changes for our family lead to a more laid back attitude as well.
    I know that primal/paleo isn't a low carb diet. I was just trying it out, as many do. Totally agree, carbs are essential for good mood balance. Funny though, I seem to need way more in the winter (100+ish) and way less in the summer (50-75 ish). Possibly linked to serotonin ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Yes it is. I'm a total dork now. People hate happy people. What rock you been hiding under?
    sound more like you need new friends than anything else.

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