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Thread: Fitness Goals?

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    Fitness Goals?

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    I love the WOD thread, but I'm wondering what some of your fitness goals are, and how exactly you're going about achieving them... Are you maintaining strength? Working on flexibility at all? Getting better at your pull-ups? How and what are you doing to accomplish these goals?

    I'm trying to build a stronger core by using the highest weight possible on a 5x5 routine of hanging leg raises, renegade rows, and planks. Also trying out some L-sits... Man I hate those!
    Increasing my flexibility in my hamstrings/lower back so I can get into a deep squat without my back rounding by practicing the "indigineous" squat everyday and using a prop to keep my back straight when I'm low.
    Increasing my pull-ups/chin-ups by attempting a "grease-the-groove" type of training (often, but never to failure.)
    Practice my posture by tucking my tailbone in slightly, my butt sticks out too much.

    Suggestions welcome

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    My ultimate goal is one day to complete an Ironman 140.6 in qualifying time - under 17 hours
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    This is my current routine...until June 22nd, when I am scheduled to switch it up.

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 183 lbs.
    Current Program: Strength for Life
    Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps
    Tuesday: HIIT, Abs
    Wenesday: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
    Thursday: Back, Rear Delts, Triceps, Biceps
    Friday: HIIT, Abs
    Saturday: Total Body and stretch
    Sunday: Play and long slow walk or bike ride

    My goal is to gain strength and add muscle. I still have fat to lose, but that will come off as I gain more muscle. I start with 12 reps to loosen up, then do 10 reps, then 8 reps and then 8 or 6 reps at max intensity. I also incorporate supersetting between certain exercises. I try to incorporate full functional lifts, like squats and deadlifts for legs, presses combined with squats and any other combination I can think of that makes it more difficult.

    I am only using dumbbells for all exercises to force symmetry. Once a week I do a full body routine and sometimes incorporate the Crazy 8 workout.

    I am working on flexibility and joint mobility as suggested by Mark. I am sedentary at my office and joint mobility and posture are things I am working on daily.

    I also do vacuum holds while driving in my car, sitting at my desk and while riding bike...and while doing exercises. I blow all the air out of my lungs...and then blow harder. I then contract my abs and begin to breath normally...without relaxing my abs. I hold that contraction as long as possible. If I really concentrate, I can hold it for 2 minutes, but that is very hard and I feel it in my abs. Most times I find I am distracted after 10 to 30 seconds and have to start over. Anytime I think about it, I do the vacuum right now.
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    As an older gent in my 50's I needed to get back into shape. Initially it was to lose weight and gain strength. That has been fine tuned.

    My weight loss is about 40 lbs. so far. I've still got some fat to lose but I'll let my body tell me how much weight.

    My research has put me on a path to increase my fast twitch fibre. I'm achieving this with once a week work outs to the gym.

    I apply a one set system that takes me to solid effort on my final rep. Am I going into failure... certainly close, but I never try that extra rep to make sure. There is no study suggesting that is required, all you need is to stimulate muscle adaptation.

    I do one upper body and one lower body exercise each week.

    I'm trying to walk more, and I was doing stationary bike sprints in the winter. I've tried a bunch of things to improve the joint strength and flexibility, but nothing really tickles my fancy to get me hooked on it.

    I guess I don't sweat it because I do some lifting at work and this is always heavy stuff. I actually enjoy it and I probably consider it enough for now.

    Long term is to maintain my muscle. I refuse to shrivel away like most seniors do.

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    Right now, after my foot injury, I want to get back to where I stopped by the end of the summer...
    1RM's in lbs
    Squats: 295
    Deadlifts: 305
    Bench: 195

    By the end of this year I want to add 100 pounds to each of those lifts.

    I want to look somewhat like Stoitsov, not too big but cut and defined. He's my height so he's a good model for me.

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    Convict Conditioning. One arm pushups and one leg squats are no big deal, but one arm pullups and handstand pushups will take a while. Terrific book. Throw in a little conditioning (I do KB swings with burpees between sets) and you are good to go.

    I guess my goal is to be fit. Would like the sharp 6-pack actually. To me, that's THE sign.

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    hunting the sixpack myself too, but lately the goal has been building a strong deep core to support my overly mobile lumbar spine.
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    My goals are to be healthy and happy. After years of forcing myself to do some certain workout routine just because it hapened to be tuesday are over. Often I go into the gym not even knowing what I am going to be doing. I might end up doing jump squats untill I feel like puking, 100 rep pulldowns, or one set off each body part to failure, or I might skip the gym and go for a long walk. It works and just as important its fun.

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    I'm just continuing to do whatever my CF trainer throws our way and increasing weight as much as I can. I love DL's and am not lifting my bodyweight yet, so that is defo a goal for me, and to lift over BW.
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    Strengthen my core to reduce issues with my back and improve 'explosiveness'
    Increase my aerobic capacity and anaerobic recovery time
    Add some mass to chest and shoulders

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