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    Sprouted, fermented Grains?

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    I did a search but couldn't find anything on this point.
    I read this post the other day
    Mark's Daily Apple

    It seems like a good idea once in a while like a big bbq or similar(not staple, rather than just resort to totally none primal for the day) to use sprouted and well fermented grains.
    But what I was wondering, what's the differences between different grains. Are there ones which are better, or come out better after these processes. There seems to be a good range of sprouted flours available.

    So does anyone have any thoughts?

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    Eaten at such a low frequency I doubt it matters (barring individual intolerance). If I were to dabble in such a thing I'd probably experiment and rotate types. I was intrigued to discover that my old housemate's clean sourdough bread didn't give me reflux the way all other wheat does.

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    It would make them more interesting. But don't count on them lowering gluten levels down into the safe zone and serve them to a person who is gluten intolerant.

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