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Thread: Meditation and "compassion Meditation"

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    Meditation and "compassion Meditation"


    I've been seeing these issues rise up in a lot of mark's posts, but I havent seen a clear guide for them.

    Is there a site/article explaining practical tips regarding "compassion meditation" and meditation in general?


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    Only know what Mark has posted but googling I found lots of links. Didn't follow.

    I wanted all my life to be more compassionate. It only happened recently. Not sure whether Primal played a role in that but I pretty sure it did. Now I need to learn how to my version of the Serenity Prayer (pagan not Christian) because it feels overwhelming.
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    Well, that's precisely the point, There are too many meditation guides on google. Most of them are quite religious, and I'm not looking for a religious meditation. That's why I came to ask, if people with experience with meditation could give a useful guide they already tried.

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