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    New to Primal!!

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    Hey everyone!

    I was introduced to Paleo/ Primal by a friend who has been doing it for some time. I have been on a weight loss kick since the beginning of the year and I have lost 30 pounds (woo!) so far with diet and exercise-- yes, dieting sucks. At the beginning of March, I decided to give up ALL sugar for 2 weeks (fruit sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed sugars, etc.) This really killed my "cravings" that I had with sugar. I noticed that I didn't "need" it anymore. That really kicked off what I call my primal training wheels. My friend and I started discussing Paleo one night when I told him that I would NEVER be able to give up milk (it's a weakness of mine) so he suggested I look into Primal. I have never been "addicted to carbs" so dropping breads and pastas was a fairly easy transition for me. I have been on Primal for about a month now and I LOVE it-- especially that I can cook in butter and eat BACON!!
    I have read about 1/3 of Mark's book and have yet to be disappointed by any of the recipes in his book. I wanted to post on these forums to find the support from those who are well-seasoned in Primal-- their advice and suggestions for newcomers. My ultimate goal is to help my friends and family develop a healthier lifestyle by watching the successes I will have in my experience. Of the 30 pounds that I have lost, I would say 10 has been from Primal in the last month, and I have never had so much energy or motivation!! Excited to start this new journey with your support and guidance!!!! Thanks!!

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    I have been primal for about a year now (minus two months when I was really sick), but am new to the forum today! Congrats on embracing primal living! Hope you are successful in helping those around you seek a better overall healthy lifestyle~

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