So I had the 24hr saliva cortisol test and I am on the high end, but normal in the morning but do not drop by the end of the day, so when it's bedtime I have double the amount in my system.

I am working with a NP and she has recommended some PhosphatidylSerine. I also hope to add in some Rhodiola ( advised from Dr Sara Gottfried's book The Hormonal Cure)
I am also taking steps to modify my workouts to Sprint 8 style in the morning 2x/week and add in yoga and walking.
Also, I am in the midst of adding meditation, but it has not become a practice yet.

The last part I'd like to focus on is the nutrition part. My understanding thus far is that I don't want to overly restrict due to a cortisol response. But I'm feeling a bit lost. I like to have macronutrient ratios or amounts in mind. I would love to see fat loss from my middle.
Current stats:
Almost 38yrs
Aprox 27% body fat

I don't feel hungry if I keep calories around 1600-1800 55%Fat, 25% Protein, 20% Carb... But I'm not losing the fat.

How do you inspire your body to burn the fat that the high cortisol is telling it to hold on to it? Thanks for your thoughts!

( I have a new journal called Momto3's Journey to healing and health which has some progress photos. )