Hello everyone

I thought it was time to stop hiding in cyberspace and say hello properly. I've been primal(ish) for a year - just passed my first anniversary! - although since Christmas I've been falling off the wagon regularly and was starting to obsess about my daily fix of chocolate again (albeit 70% cocoa). I've finally realised that I just can't control myself to 'have a little' so I've ditched it altogether. Fingers crossed I stay strong this time. One week and two days since my last indulgence... Not that I'm counting.

Anyway, the main reason for saying hello is that the one tricky thing I've found is a sense of no longer being part of the gang with my 'normal' friends. That afternoon tea and cake with the girls? No cake for me. The leaving do at work? Er, yeah, no cake or sugary drink for me thanks, I'll just hold my glass of water and be the odd one out. Visiting an elderly relative? No, sorry Auntie Ann, I know you think it's mad, but I don't want any of the family-recipe cake you made especially. Oh dear...

There's a deeply psychological attachment to sharing food. Especially 'treat' food like cakes. It's like a shared secret. Being 'naughty' together forges a bond somehow. While most people don't push me into it once I've said no, I'm aware that declining these shared indulgences somehow ruins the moment, takes pleasure out of it for the person I'm with, loses some magic from the occasion and leaves me feeling some sort of outsider or spoilsport. Offering them my packet of nuts just doesn't seem to do it!

Does anyone have any advice on how best to handle this? How to join in with non-primal friends/relatives without eating stuff I don't want?

I also thought it might help avoid the 'outsider' feeling if I joined this forum where I'm not the odd one out. Nice to meet you all.