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Thread: Weight GAIN in the First Week

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    Weight GAIN in the First Week

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    Dear PBers,

    Hello! I started Primal Blueprint in earnest this past Monday. I have read the PB 21-day transformation, and more importantly, ordered the 90 day journal and have used it religiously to get prepared. Prior to this attempt to change my lifestyle and associated bad habits, I had tried PB and lasted 10 days. During that attempt, I actually lost 10 pounds in those 10 days!!! This time around, I've actually gained 2 pounds. I'm in the macronutrient strike zone on carbs (lower than 75 daily) and this is after being a "carb-queen" my entire life. Any thoughts on what I should do (or not do)? Has anyone else experienced this? After losing so much at my first attempt, it's bee discouraging to see the number on the scale go up. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

    - a newbie in Texas

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    Hang in there. 10 pounds in 10 days is not something you should expect to happen repeatably.

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