I'm a truck driver--sedentary job--who's trying to go primal. I'm way overweight, and new DOT regulations are going to put an end to my career if that doesn't change. I tried to make the change a couple months ago, but I broke my wrist, can't prepare food, etc., so I put it on hold. Actually, I've been sitting around eating whatever I want and getting fatter. But I'm going back to work next week, going to resume preparing food, etc., and I need some ideas of what to eat for lunch.

Here's the deal. I make several stops per day, running all local. I drive a short distance, get unloaded, which takes 30-60 minutes, drive back for another load, and repeat. The only exercise I get is dropping a trailer and hooking up the next one, which I do 4 times per shift.

So, lunch... Lunch is eaten while being unloaded. It always used to be a sandwich, some fruit, yogurt, whatever. Of course, bread and the yogurt will be out. I ate those things because my ability to eat in the truck is somewhat limited. I can eat something with a spoon or fork, but realistically only one thing and not something I would have to cut.

As the summer sets in, I'm not going to want a lot of hot food. So gazpacho is on my list for at least one night a week, and if I have a few different recipes, I suppose it could be two nights. I ate lettuce wraps for a while and got tied of them pretty fast, so unless I come up with some awesome new recipe, I'll probably only eat them once a week. So that's 3 cold/cool meals a week, 2 if I get tired of gazpacho and eat it once a week.

I love steamed broccoli with butter sauce, but I've always hated raw broccoli and cauliflower, not too crazy about most raw vegetables.

Whatever I end up making, I plan to cook all meals on the weekend, running a slow cooker, oven, toaster oven, stove top, whatever it takes, then freeze and use them throughout the week as necessary.

Ok, all that in the mix, can anyone give me some ideas of what to eat on my lunch break at work? I appreciate the suggestions.