Housemate got tired of big, old gas barbecue. We looked at the options and she decided to get a medium-size Big Green Egg. I do the grilling and loved the idea, but tried to talk her out of it because of the cost. (She was buying.)

It arrived yesterday, already assembled. If you have the money, it really is worth it.

Big Groky chunks of charcoal. Non-toxic starter cube. Starts instantly, gets hot very quickly. Very quick, precise temperature control. Can get up to 700 degrees safely. When you are done cooking, seal the egg. No oxygen so fire goes out. Made in Mexico, not China. I'd far rather have my money go to Mexico.

Expected to have to experiment for a while to get it right. But chicken last night and beef tonight were perfect.

I could never buy an egg. Way out of my budget. Housemate planned her retirement well, so was able to buy.