I've been on a grand voyage through SE Asia for the past year or so, at times really struggling with staying paleo. But then again, there is so much fresh food, markets, and no refrigerated, processed food. Yay!

A few weeks ago, at a friend's place, we had some sort of soup/stew with a lot of large bones. Turns out that they had bone marrow in them, which I ate. Tasty!!!! This went on three days in a row, otherwise my diet was entirely standard Vietnamese, nothing out of the ordinary.

That weekend I noticed my centimeter distance when focused up-close was almost 7cm more than normal. Very, very unusual. This persisted for two days, and then went back to normal.

I haven't been able to get bone marrow since, to test whether this was the cause of that huge eyesight improvement. There was nothing else unusual, and since I have been actively working on reducing my myopia (down two diopters already!), I am used to paying attention, and measuring my sight distance on a regular basis.

Anybody here have any experience with this? Bone marrow, something special about it?

For reference, this is the centimeter measurement I use to keep track of my reducing myopia: The Frauenfeld Clinic: Myopia Rehabilitation Myopia Calculator - The Frauenfeld Clinic: Myopia Rehabilitation