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Thread: How to elevate depressed mood w/o caffeine?

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    How to elevate depressed mood w/o caffeine?

    I developed postpartum depression after giving birth a little over 5 months ago. The depression manifests itself in oppressive fatigue, deep feelings of hopelessness, mental fog and crying spells.

    I've noticed that even small amounts of black coffee elevate not only my energy but my mood considerable. I suddenly become optimistic, excited about life, and my thinking is so much clearer/creative, etc.

    I don't want to become addicted to caffeine so I'm wondering if there are other natural ways to elevate my mood/balance my neurotransmitters that are safer/nonaddictive?

    For context please note:

    - That I am a Type II Diabetic so I cannot tolerate a big carb load. (I say this to acknowledge that there are many on this board that are against VLC.).

    -I am taking Vitamin D on a daily basis. 2 years ago I tested low for Vitamin D levels but they are now normal.

    -I am taking fish oil supplements and trying to eat more salmon...

    -I'm also taking Calcium/Magnesium supplements since I've read low magnesium can affect mood...
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