Are they suicidal? The only ones I know, personally, come from messed up family situations. And they are all boys/men. But none of the men in my extended family are daredevils. I hate the way adrenaline makes me feel, I'm an endorphin girl all the way. I suspect my life experience is limiting me.

I started thinking about this because the older brother of one of DS's closest friends killed himself on his motorcycle last weekend. I say killed himself, because police estimate he was going 160mi/hr when he lost control and body slammed a pole. Of course his helmet didn't save him at the speed. He was 32, so not some moronic teenager, intoxicated by the hormones of puberty. Is the rush of going that fast worth it if you don't secretly wish you were dead?

Maybe a primal forum isn't the best place to ask. I suspect men who fuss over their diets aren't generally daredevils either. I guess I'm just feeling really sad for his mother.