I did a quick forum search but didn't find anything more than a few casual mentions...

I came across this website yesterday after yet another completely disappointing doctor's visit where the latest round of bloodwork I've gone for showed nothing, on paper anyway, is wrong with my thyroid. And yet all the symptoms I've been exhibiting the last while (up to a year for some) - low body temp, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, increased anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep, cold hands and feet, dry skin, hair loss, etc, etc - are continuing to get worse. I'm stumped how all what was tested (T3, T4, frees and TSH) all came back right in the middle of the 'normal' ranges. I also had rT3 tested but didn't see the result for it, and I will mention that my TSH was up to 3.33 from 1.95 in December, though because it's still well within 'normal' range, my doctor feels it's not indicative of anything.

Long story trying to be short - the Wilson's Syndrome thing feels right to me, but some Googling found some not-so-positive info via Wikipedia and the Mayo Clinic basically calls it a farce. I'm curious to know if anyone here has some first-hand experience with having been diagnosed, treated, etc, for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome. I'd love to hear it - I'm well at the end of my rope feeling this shitty all the time, and this is likely the next step in my journey to find out what the root cause of it all is.