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Thread: Brand New to all this

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    Brand New to all this

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    Just purchased the kindle book The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation yesterday and have been reading every chance I get.

    Decided after seeing a picture of me sitting on my horse that SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. FoundMark's Daily Apple website and everything I read seemed to make a whole lot of sense.

    Am really dreading giving up a lot of my favorite foods.....I have always had a very strong dislike for vegetables and fruits so you can imagine the food I eat.

    I am 45 and weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. Am excited to start this new lifestyle.

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    Welcome to this new lifestyle. I can confirm it does make sense and the changes are all for the better. There's nothing I don't love about this way of eating. Every meal's a treat, and my health and energy have never been better. I am 48.

    You will gain far more in health benefits than you are giving up in your current favourite foods. Your tastes will change and you will acquire new favourite foods, along with a new improved figure.

    Take measurements now, and go for it Crazycowgirl.

    PS see my journal (links below) if you'd like some meal ideas.

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    Hi, like you I also feared giving up foods I liked and I also thought it may be restrictive but so far (one week in) I have enjoyed and look forward to my lunches and dinners! Chicken or steak with roasted veg- yum! I love omelette's so very happy to have bacon as an ingredient and not feel guilty about it anymore.

    I have yet to finish the blueprint book but understand the basic principle and I must admit I am loving it so far. I have not missed bread at all. I am satisfied and not looking for sweet snacks and even left alone the mini bagels and sandwiches given out to staff left from lunch meetings!

    Even though it has only been a week I feel better in my body and is giving me the confidence that finally there is something that makes sense and will work!

    All the best!

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