So this is my first forum post. I've been following the blog for about 5 months now. In fact I look forward to my MDA visit every morning when I wake up. Instead of coffee and the newspaper, I am greeted by eggs & MDA. What a treat!

I was a member of a CrossFit gym here in Columbus, Ohio and alot of those guys are Paleo eaters. The head trainer directed me to MDA and I was hooked since my first visit. At first I was very resistant to the paleo idea because CW couldn't be wrong right? Until I started really digging into the information I thought "give up grains pff sure that's a dumb idea that's not what they taught us in school".

I am an NSCA-CPT, but I hate the word personal trainer. It brings up horrible images in my head of people doing tricep kick backs and calf raises with some underqualified gym rat counting reps for them. I am of the "lift/throw heavy things and run really fast" philosophy.

I can't say that I'm actually "Primal" yet, although I am a self proclaimed meatatarian. I still have sugar cravings that I cave into periodically. No grains in the diet, only snack cakes and mt. dew, but I don't think Grok would approve

I'm looking forward to getting the book and digesting the whole of it, as I haven't gotten to read it yet. Future Grokstar in the making!