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Thread: I'm a little confused here

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeAtTaree View Post
    So although I don't base my diet on them, I eat the occasional bean or potato with a clear conscience.
    Ya, the main point of 1st draft paleo was that both hunter-gatherers and industrial people tend to fall into monotonous dietary staples (industrial people have the illusion of a million shapes and colors but it's still monotonous). If those staples are nutritious and nontoxic it's not a problem. If those staples are hollow/allergenic/inflammatory then it's a problem. The more varied one's diet becomes, the less one needs to fear those suboptimal exposures.

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    When people say avoid legumes like peas think split peas and beans that you have to soak and then cook on the stove for hours and hours. Not the vegetables that you can eat raw.
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