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    I have sweetened cream, flavored it with powdered tea, and poured it into ice pop forms to freeze.

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    Mango puree - 1 cups (puree from about 3 mangoes)
    Heavy whipping cream - 1 cups
    Sugar - cup + more (1/4 cup of sugar is perfect to sweeten the cream + more as required as per your mangoes' sweetness)
    Pure vanilla extract - 1 tablespoon

    1.Puree the mango with enough sugar to make it sweet.
    2.Chill bowl, heavy cream and whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes for easier whipping.
    3.Add cup of sugar to the cream and start beating it using whisk attachment till you get stiff peaks. Do not over beat otherwise it will curdle.
    4.Then add pureed mango and vanilla.
    5.Fold them in using spatula; pour it into a freezer safe shallow container. Cover it and let it half set. It will take about 4 hours.
    6.Once half frozen then remove it to the blender and blend it into smooth, so ice crystal will break.
    7.Pour it back to the same container. Cover with plastic wrap. Make sure that plastic touches to the surface of the ice cream. 8.Thus there will be no ice crystal on the surface once frozen.
    9.Let it set completely. Scoop and serve.

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    Yes. Frozen blended bananas. Add raw cacao, or raspberries or chopped dates (they go quite chewy).
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