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Thread: All vegetarian elementary school!

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    All vegetarian elementary school!

    Not great for kids who are allergic to soy, or even for those who might just want to eat primal/paleo style:

    NYC elementary school adopts all-vegetarian menu -

    The article also says that kids cannot transfer into or out of this school due to this issue. From what I found Googling, 62% of these kids qualify for free lunch, and another 16% qualify for reduced price lunches--a total of 78% of the kids here have very few food choices.

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    I wonder if this was a cost-cutting move, or someone pushing an ideology? I find it telling that the article specifically says the vegetarian menu was initially offered to give students "healthy food options".

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    Pop tarts and tater tots are vegetarian. So are those little fruit cups drowning in HFCS. I think Sunny-D is vegetarian too. And strawberry flavored milk! Those poor little bastards can be vegetarian and never have to eat a single green food. Unless its a yogurt tube or a Froot Loop.
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    I'd be interested to see an actual menu. If it's vegetarian like at my son's school (they do veggie soup and gluten free buns in winter), then that's no worry. But if it's junk-food vegetarian, then that's too bad.

    Of ocurse, it's not much of a difference from non-vegetarian industrialized food, really, so it's probably no difference to the kids. Sadly.

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    Parents will think the school is feeding their kids the "good food" and feed them crap for dinner, and school will think parents are feeding the kids the "good food" and feed them crap for breakfast and lunch. That way, kids eat garbage all day long! Yay!
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    I think I'd be more upset if it weren't for the fact that really, school lunches have been crap forever. Back when I rode my dinosaur to school, we were presented with lovely options like peanut butter and honey on white with canned fruit salad on the side, spaghetti covered in ketchup with mystery meatballs, "pizza" which was two slices of white bread with ketchup and yellow cheese melted on top, etc.

    But I agree with Knifegill that kids are eating more junk rather than food. My mom used to read the menu the school sent home and we'd laugh at some of the stuff. IOW, my parents didn't expect the school to nourish us. If something was too awful, we'd take a bag lunch.
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    Oh, geez. Hope the food is at least fortified to avoid bringing widespread pellagra back.
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