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Thread: What is the reason for focusing on one body part?

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    I see. It's a body building thing then. I just thought it odd when my female weight lifting instructor suggested I practice overhead squats on my leg day. I'm like what? Isn't that what 22-year old college boys do because they don't know any better (and it's always arm day for them, too, have you noticed?)

    I don't really have specific goals. I just want to be strong, to feel healthy and vital, maybe to have some definition. But mostly just feel healthy and vital. I like to see progress, too, because it keeps me going. I was able to overhead squat the bar today. Woo hoo! I couldn't do that the first time I overhead squatted. Little goals like that are about all I can ever elaborate for myself.
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    It's all about getting sufficient rest. I know that if I personally do say a heavy deadlift session (I'm following 5/3/1), I really need the week to 10 days off before I can perform the same lift with the same intensity.

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