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Thread: Pull Up Bar Recommendations Please

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    OK, socks for padding and painters tape to prevent scuffs. Good ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrodieMN View Post
    BE CAREFUL with the bar that you hang over the door frame!!!!!! Ensure that the molding is nailed into the frame and not only into the sheetrock.

    My story: I hung my pullup bar over my bedroom door and would do one or two pullups walking in or out of the room. One day I pulled myself up and as I almost reached the top I found myself flat on my back holding the bar. The door frame gave way. I was lucky as the door frame with nails narrowly missed my face. I laid there on my back in awe that my back didn't hurt either
    Yikes! Good to know.

    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    I thought my buddy had a pullup bar with big flat pads that fit against the doorframe instead of just padded bars. The flat part was about as wide as my hand in one direction, and a little narrower in the other. I'm not sure if it damages the doorframes less or not, but logically, it should.
    This is the one I got today. Perfect Multi-Gym: Sports & Outdoors It has those flat pads. I think that's a good idea. Keeps the pressure from being all in one spot.

    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    A couple of decades ago those went out of style around here. New parks have been made with a combination of plastic modules and pressure-treated wood 4x4s. I haven't actually seen a playground around here with that kind of real exercise equipment in 20 years.
    My yard is really small, but I'd be tempted to install parallel bars in the backyard if I didn't have a garden.
    Yeah, I live in downtown San Diego. There aren't really public playgrounds around here. My old pull up bar was one I made and installed hanging from the trellis work over my patio.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geeknik View Post
    In a pinch you could place a really thick & sturdy broomstick on the seats of two chairs and lie on the floor between the 2 chairs, underneath the stick and just pull yourself upfrom a laying down position. I'm sure it isn't as effective as pullups from a standing position but it's cost free and better than nothing.
    Yep the Australian option works. I think it is a slightly different set of muscles but it's a good way to help work up to "real" pull ups.

    Thanks everybody for your help and suggestions. I just got home and haven't gotten mine out of the box yet. Tomorrow's project.

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    How long can one leave one of these bars on and it continue to be safe, assuming it is on solid footing.


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